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Have I mentioned how excited I am to meet Baby Kellan!? I prayed for him long before I even knew his precious mommy was expecting.

It was the Sunday after Thanksgiving when Thadd and Cara called to tell us their exciting news and ask me if I had time for a session for them to announce Baby Peavy.

From their Christmas baby announcement to finding out the gender to now their maternity session, we've enjoyed being a part of this great adventure.

Kellan's nursery is a vintage travel theme. When Cara told me this, I immediately decided that would be the perfect theme for their baby shower. What I didn't think about was incorporating this theme into their maternity session, well, until two days before...after their outfits had already been chosen. I had less than two days to pull this off, and this included finding an airplane. I posted a status on Facebook hoping someone would come through for me, and hid that status from Thadd and Cara just incase I wasn't able to pull it off. Within one hour, I had a plane. A dear friend had reached out to her dad, who happened to own a small plane that was stored at a local airport. And y' was MAGIC! And their outfits, the ones they had decided on prior to my spontaneous idea, matched the plane perfectly. Seriously, a match made in heaven, all the way around.

And sorry for the over share, but I had a really hard time picking my favorites from this session. But I don't think you'll complain! (;

Now we wait for Kellan......

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